Morning Heart Moms,

Wow! With our national and state plans changing continuously on the Coronavirus news, it’s hard for us in ministry work to keep up with the times. But we have to look forward, because that’s what we have to do to keep our work as Titus 2 women going.  With God’s help, we will keep our ministries alive and growing.

So here’s an idea you may want to consider for your Heartfelt groups for the 2020-2021 season. Do online registration for those in your church who desire to be a part. If your church is meeting again you can also make registration for the new season available as you have always done. You will want to form new groups for the new season, although you didn’t get to complete the past season. I can’t stress enough the importance of using all streams of communication to keep your ministry volunteers informed of any and all plans. Enlist the help of your church’s staff to get the word out as well as use your own form of communicating, whether that is through Facebook, an App such as Group Me, or through the church’s emails, etc.  

Here in West Monroe, we are going to form our groups in August using our registration forms. Our KickOff is always a banquet In August but it will not be this summer.  In order to delay starting back for safety’s sake, we’re going to have that event in September. This is the event where every Heart Sister learns who her Heart Moms are for the season. And which Heart Sisters she will be with in the Heart Group she’s been assigned to. This event could substitute for your September meeting. Or your Heart Mom Team may decide to meet this first month in your Host Home in addition to the KickOff event. If you choose to begin meeting in October, the length of your Heartfelt Season will be 8 months instead of 9. And you’ll adjust your plans accordingly.

Now, this can happen IF your state is allowing  small groups (other then family) to meet, depending on the direction of your local governments. In Louisiana, we could meet in homes now if we needed to. You can also encourage mask-wearing if that is recommended at your meetings.

(I don’t know how we can do Heartfelt without hugs though. Elbow bumps may not cut it. Haha!)

Seriously, follow your local guidelines and your church’s leadership in planning for a fall start to Heartfelt in your own congregation. I do encourage you to start meeting as soon as you can to keep the heart of Titus 2 mentoring and discipling going.

Thank you for all you do to draw women closer to friends in the faith as we all draw closer to God and His Word. May God bless you as you lead.

So glad YOU are a part of the Heart!

Love you,


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