Happy Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall Ya’ll

I don’t know about you- but I’m so thankful it’s finally fall.
Between the kickoff of a new Heartfelt season, running our large women’s ministry, and having my seven blessings around this summer with our super busy family life, it’s nice to have the more routine days that fall brings.

As you know, this has been a more complicated and challenging year for our Heartfelt Ministries and me. So I’m also grateful God has given me some space in my travel schedule to be home a bit more to be able to study and write and work on new plans. I intentionally asked God for this break from traveling, to slow down this fall, to spend more time with Him. To deal spiritually and emotionally with all that’s happened and to give me time to spend in prayer and in His Word. In answer to prayer, God has completely healed my heart.
Great things came from the time and efforts we spent this year. Thank you for your prayers and your notes and messages! (If you want to know more see the blogpost on the Autopsy we did. )

In our times together over these past few weeks, God has been faithful to give me clear direction and confidence to move forward with some wonderful new plans and programs. I’m working hard to bring those to the table. Now don’t misunderstand me, Heartfelt is solidly ready for ministry…we are head over heels for our women’s ministry program… that will not change. I’m so thankful you are being blessed by it.
But….I have deliberately slowed down to get some of my life in better balance. I haven’t given myself a break in 16 years since starting Heartfelt in 2003. So God has provided me some time to slow down to catch my breath and recover from this very challenging year.

I’ve said that to announce this:
We are working on our 2020 travel schedule. I have some dates available. If your church is considering a women’s ministry or a Heartfelt event, I would be delighted to be a part. Encouraging women to follow Jesus is my blessing! However, our travel calendar fills fast so wanted you to know of some availability right now on my calendar. Please let us know ASAP.
Mindy Lancaster has some days available also and you know what an inspiring speaker she is!

In the next months I will be announcing some brand new programs and plans for Heartfelt. These new things are so much fun to work on and I can’t wait to share them with you! So, hang on-2020 may be the best year yet for women’s ministry! I look forward to telling you the exciting NEW stuff we are going to do.

God is on the move.
And so are God’s women!

So… here’s to a new year, a productive season, a new start and fresh ministry plans ! Thanks for following along on our journey!

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