Heart Wide Open Christmas Day 11: Listen, Say, Repeat


When my two year old grandson says the prayer at dinner it’s a moment I cherish. I love his little voice and watching him clutch his sweet hands in an awkward wrap. One hand’s fingers curled around his other hand. His half-way attempt to close his eyes so precious while he tilts his head.When it’s his turn to pray he looks at his Dad and waits. Dad prays. He mimic a word or two. Sounding something like “ood” (translation: food) “ally” (family).  BUT, he eagerly waits for the big finish. Which he nails every time – “AMEN!”

baby praying

I’m certain it’s real prayer. This is all he knows just a couple of years away from Heaven’s creation. His prayer is just following his father’s lead.

When did I  begin to determine my steps? Have I always failed to  follow His Word? When did I decide I could figure it out on my own?  God’s way is always right. Following His lead, his direction, His Word always make my life sweeter.

During this focused season when the Words of God are being written on signs, buildings, cards and hearts, remembering to Listen to the Holy can be a little easier. I can begin a new habit. Following my Father’s lead, I can begin this now. The New Year can start better. Already. Amen!

If you’ve been following this blog hop around the Heart Wide Open Christmas blogosphere, then you know what to do.

If not, here’s what you do. Hop on over to Shellie Tomlinson’s website :http://www.belleofallthingssouthern.com/listening-for-the-holy-dr-joneal-kirby-days-7-11/  to copy this blessing.

A printable action and thought around our goal of Listening to the Holy in this holiday season. Seeking Jesus in all we do as we prepare for Christmas.  You will be blessed by this:


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