Joneal Kirby Founder Heartfelt Ministries

Joneal Kirby

Founder, Heartfelt Ministries

Dr. Joneal Kirby is the founding leader of Heartfelt Ministries, an internationally known women’s ministry. The mission Dr. Kirby has been carrying out through Heartfelt since 2003, is to encourage strong, authentic and faith-filled multi-generational relationships among women of faith. The programs and resources of Heartfelt focus on discipling women in God’s church, studying the Bible, mentoring in issues of faith and family, and evangelizing the lost. In 2002, Dr. Kirby realized as she was counseling and teaching in her own church, that there were some Biblical instructions specifically given to women that were not consistently or intentionally being followed. These few verses are found in the book of Titus. She read and then studied the entire book and realized that Titus 2:3-5 are instructions that Paul gave directly to women regarding their explicit responsibility in the work and organization of the church. In a letter written near the end of his life to his missionary friend, Titus, Paul sends instructions on how to teach the Believers and organize the church’s established on the island of Crete.

Here are Paul’s words regarding the work of women Believers from Titus 2:3-5 “Teach the older women to live in a way that honors God. They must not slander others or be heavy drinkers. Instead, they should teach others what is good. These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.” (Titus‬ ‭2:3-5‬ )

After studying Paul’s writings in Titus, Dr. Kirby epdeveloped the Heartfelt Friends program and launched the first Heart Group’s in 2003 for her own congregation. Soon women from all over the country began asking her about the program. Since then she has trained thousands of women and churches on how to create their own Titus 2 mentoring program using the model of Heartfelt Friends.

Dr. Kirby is also a popular speaker for conferences and workshops as well as being featured on radio, television and internet podcasts. Her own conference, The Heartfelt Experience, is attended by thousands of women. She has written and hosted a daily radio program since 2005 and has a current listening audience of over 100,000 listeners. She also co-wrote and hosted a television Bible Study and Christian lifestyle program for Legacy Network. She and Heartfelt have been featured in dozens of interviews for radio, television and with internet hosts.

She is the author of several books: Heartfelt, a Woman’s Guide to Creating Meaningful Friendships, The Heartfelt Friends Training Manual, Heart of a Family for Mom: Common Sense Parenting with Wisdom from the Word, and Hope for Your Family: A Parent’s Guide, as well as numerous articles for a variety of publications. She has written hundreds of Bible lessons and produced twelve specific Bible studies for women’s ministry, including Be the Woman, A Study of Proverbs 31, Living the Gospel, Parables of Purpose, Nine Stories Jesus Told, and most recently Battle: Holding On in Hard Times.

Dr. Kirby is a certified parenting educator and developed a parenting workshop, The Smart Parent, which has been taught in numerous workshops in churches and communities.

Dr. Kirby has a Master’s degree in Counseling and a PhD in Marital and Family Therapy. She established her own private practice in 2002, known as the Christian Counseling Center. Her clinical training as a family counselor served to prepare her to minister to a variety of faith and life issues pertinent to women of God. Prior to this career, she worked in education teaching in middle schools and high schools, then became a school guidance counselor and later served as a high school principal. This work experience, where she served with and alongside thousands of teens and adults, were her primary influence in learning the unique, inspiring goals, needs and desires specific to a woman’s heart.

Heartfelt is forever grateful and thankful for the partnership with Kay Robertson, of A & E’s Duck Dynasty and Missy Robertson and her daughter, Mia. All the Robertson family women, Jessica (wife of Jep), Lisa (wife of Alan Robertson) and Korie and Sadie (Willie’s wife and daughter) have all been a part of Heartfelt since its beginnings at White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. It is because of their love and support of this ministry that the Heartfelt Experience Conferences began. Dr. Kirby’s sister is Chrys Howard, mother of Korie and grandmother of Sadie. These faith-filled women have been a vital part of women’s ministry with Dr. Kirby in their home church. The Kirby’s also are close friends with Alan and Lisa Robertson. The two couples have worked together in marriage ministry for over 17 years. They teach in marriage retreats together including The Robertson Marriage Retreat Cruise to Alaska.

Dr. Kirby and her husband, Randy, recently celebrated their marriage of 43 years. Having met while at Harding College, they begin their newlywed life in 1975 and started off teaching together at Shreve Christian School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Randy’s career changed soon after their three children arrived and he has worked for Merrill Lynch for thirty-two years. Their children, are Josh Kirby (married to Kristen), Jake Kirby (married to Jamie) and Katelyn Taylor (married to Grant). Their family has expanded even more now with grandchildren- five grandboys and two granddaughters. A generational blessing for both Randy and Joneal is that both of their mothers are still an active part of their families, while both of their fathers have passed on. As a couple in ministry together since they married, they have worked in children’s and youth ministries, life group leaders, marriage ministry and Bible Study teaching. They also created an annual Marriage Retreat, which now knows national success. The Kirbys live in West Monroe, Louisiana on 130 acres of wooded land. They feel most blessed when their seven grandchildren are all there together. Which, praise the Lord, happens often.

Mindy Lancaster Heartfelt Ministry Speaker

Mindy Lancaster

Heartfelt Ministries Speaker

Mindy Lancaster is God made, Jesus saved and Louisiana raised. Mindy is living out the Heartfelt story. She has worked in the dental field for over 20 years where she makes a point to build relationships with each of her patients and shares Jesus with them. Mindy’s story goes deep and she is letting God use her and her to touch others. Along with sharing at Heartfelt events, Mindy speaks to women’s prison ministries, single mom groups and other women’s groups. She and her husband, Michael and have 3 children and 2 grandsons. Mindy and her family are members of WFR church where she serves on the Children’s ministry team. Mindy and Michael live at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca where they serve and work.

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Stephanie Walker Ministry Partner

Stephanie Walker

Heartfelt Ministries Partner

Stephanie Walker wears many hats. She has a full time job doing design and web site management, she is a wife and the mom of 4, a business owner, children’s ministry director at her local church and a ministry partner of Heartfelt Ministers. Stephanie has been working on the design team with Joneal and Heartfelt from the very beginning. She is Joneals right arm and Heartfelt wouldn’t be the same without without her. If you need anything, ask Stephanie!

Stephanie knows that God has blessed her and her husband, Jason, beyond measure! She love spending time with her family and friends serving the Lord in any way she can and is excited to see where Heartfelt is going next.

Kimberly Park Colorado/Western Regional Coordinator

Kimberly Park

Colorado/Western Regional Coordinator

Kimberly (Kim) Park is the wife of Scott and mom to two sons, Ethan and Garrett. She has worked with her husband in full time ministry for over 20 years and is currently the part-time worship director at their church in the mountains of Colorado. As an educator, she taught different grades in elementary school for 15 years and now works with a Colorado Springs- based organization that provides educational services for Christian schools around the world. She was introduced to Heartfelt Ministries three years ago when seeking a mentoring program for the women in her church. The connections and spiritual growth among the women in the church inspires her to continue sharing and developing this ministry. Her passions include: family, music, traveling, spiritual growth, and the outdoors.

Delanise Taylor Regional Coordinator for Heartfelt, Texas

Delanise Taylor

Regional Coordinator for Heartfelt, Texas

Delanise spent the last 29 years as a public school educator, with 19 of those as a school administrator. She retired in June of 2016 and now works occasionally as an educational consultant. She is married to Mark and has 4 grown children, and 4 grandchildren. With the exception of one year in Oklahoma and one in Houston, Delanise and Mark have worshipped at the Huntsville Church of Christ in Huntsville, Texas for close to 40 years. Delanise has been a Bible Class teacher, and has served on the Children’s Ministry team for many years. She and a group of ladies from her congregation saw the need to begin Heartfelt at their church in Huntsville and are now in their 2nd year.

Tracy Stites Regional Coordinator for Heartfelt, Tampa/Central Florida

Tracy Stites

Regional Coordinator for Heartfelt, Tampa/Central Florida

Tracy is from Odessa, Florida. For the last 15 years, she has traveled across the US working for various companies as a Human Resource software consultant and trainer. Tracy has worshiped with Grace Family Church in Tampa for over seven years. Prior to joining Grace Family, Tracy was a member of Davis Island and Idlewild Baptist church. Tracy spent several years serving in youth ministry where she met her husband Don. She and Don have step-children together and are involved in several small groups, including Heartfelt, at Grace Family. Tracy and her two stepdaughters attended the first Heartfelt Conference in 2014. The more she learned about Heartfelt, the stronger her desire to bring Heartfelt’s program to the Florida area. Over the past 30 years of her Christian walk, Tracy has reaped the benefits from mentors willing to pour their spiritual heritage into her life. It is her goal that everyone has a Titus 2 spiritual mentor to “do life with”. She believes the simplicity of Heartfelt and its dinner table setting is the best way to achieve that goal.

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