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heart to Home Conference im age

Late nights are catching up with me.

I’ve had more coffee these past weeks then Juan and his little donkey could ever carry.

The mornings sneak up on me like a crazy, conniving cat convinced mice are stealing his catnip. (that doesn’t even  make sense! But alliterations are such fun).

In the midst of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and the hoopla, fanfare, and fabulous frantic fun — I’m planning a Conference. A BIG Conference with two thousand speakers, a worship team of hundreds, and a gazillion folks who are buying tickets to show up on Feb. 6-7.

I’ve never been good with numbers. So I may exaggerate. But I’m kinda like a preacher and that’s what we do.

It’s the little things that count. Right?

I’m counting days, tasks, chores, lists, people, dates, food, nuts, chips… anything that can be counted … in my sleep. This AIN’T no little thing.

But it sure does count. Oh wow. How it counts. God be praised!

I have a superb production crew. All Friends. Some New faces. TALENTED beyond people. Working around the clock to make this conference be all that.

And more.

My fear (I have none, except this one) is someone will say after it is over “How come I didn’t know about the conference?” So we are all thinking, wondering, scheming, planning, and praying about how to get the word out.

We are hosting the most unique, splendid, faith and fun- filled Conference ever planned.

It’s on Feb. 6-7, 2015, in Monroe, La. at the Monroe Civic Center.

It is the Heart to Home Conference with the Women of Duck Commander.

Of course, All Things Robertson Family will be there. Their zany, funny, wacky and WISE family members are going to show and share.

We really do have a bunch of other great presenters, speakers, musicians too. Some you will never believe their life’s stories. Whoa! Those are some testimonies. And there are some inspiring Bible teachers going to be there. And a wonderful parenting genius. As well as some of the funniest and funnest women to walk the planet. We’ll have a few amazing surprises 🙂

I really want every one to come. I especially want EVERYBODY to know about the Conference.

If you can help spread the word I would really appreciate you.

So, I’ll see you in February.

If you’re my friend, in life or on Facebook, I’ll see you before.

Thank you for your help.


Here’s the link:







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