Ring. Ring. What Are You Waiting For? Make the Call.




My new friend, Mary Anne Gunter “got it” at the inaugural Heart to Home Conference. What did she get?
“Mary Anne -Look at all these friends you have this morning, that you didn’t know before Friday morning. THAT, Mary Anne, is what I meant by getting outside your comfort zone….by reaching out and loving others. And it wasn’t hard, was it? And look what you gained….new forever friends…sisters, brothers. THAT is REAL connection. THIS is what I want for you.” Have you ever sat and just felt God pouring love all over you? I hadn’t felt like that in a long, long time. Ever since this conference, everyday I can be doing anything….chores, reading…you name it….and God. Shows. Up. And teaches me all over again that by being sometimes a loner, being shy and introspective, I have cheated myself – and others – of so much. It was CONNECTION that He wanted from me, not for His benefit, but for mine. And for others’ benefit, too. I learned so much about being a Titus 2 woman…mentoring and sharing with other women, at this conference.  I will share this – don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that you’re not perfect, or pure, or holy, or Godly enough to allow God to use you to bless others (in this case, women blessing other women). God will take not only your brilliance and success and joy and strength – but, I think more importantly, He will take that hidden dark secret failure, that past deep mistake, and use it to strengthen and encourage other women. Let God use it. Don’t keep Him in a pretty little box, because He won’t tolerate it. He’s got plans for that ancient, cobwebbed, mistake of your past or even your present struggle. He’s also got plans for your strengths and gifts. And we all have gifts. And it’s to connect with others and let THEM be encouraged by it, too.” (Thank you, Mary Anne for sharing your heart.) https://www.facebook.com/mary.a.gunter.5/posts/10200329273149688

We are made, designed, and created as God’s women for true connection. For relationship. The evil one messes with this. There is nothing he takes greater delight in. Obvious by how much it happens. What?
he splits us up unto cliques, divides us into enemy territories and causes us to claim turf. All to defeat our combined purpose and power in the Kingdom. I appreciate Mary Anne’s raw, honest and true account of how God will give a courageous attitude to those who seek Him with all their hearts. And then women will change for good what the enemy means to destroy. 2 Timothy 1:7 is my life verse. It’s been plastered around my home, in my Bible, on notes forever to my children —
“God did not give you a spirit of fear (timidity) – but one of power, love and self-control.” God’s power and purpose in your life, woman, is for you to embrace His Power to be all you can be in Him.

Do NOT for one more day allow the eo (ie, evil one) to capture your mind or heart. I know God can defeat your tendency to want to stay isolate. To stay in your own head. To gossip. Criticize. Maintain a sub-par attitude. Look down on. Judge. Marginalize. Segregate. Yourself. And others.

HE, Your Father  who created you in His Image, meant you for so much more.

This day. Create a relationship. Begin. Pick up the phone. Get with a friend. An older women you respect. A wise person who you can listen to. Become a true follower of the King. Today. Live Your faith OUTLOUD. ON PURPOSE. Do not do this alone.

“When you’re tired and lonely. When you need a helping hand. When nothing. Nothing is going right.” Come on. Just call on a friend. A godly, Christian friend. What are you waiting for?

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