Sisters, Sisters – Siblings and All That

jamie me katelyn

Certainly with a late night tv scan or the DVD version,

you sunk deep into “White Christmas” the war-time musical featuring the

beautiful baritone, Bing Crosby. A true Christmas classic.

A lot of us grew up on the movie and the song.

The songs, including the title one will then get stuck in our heads for six months or more.

That one song, “Sisters”, goes round and round in mine all year. Sung it. Hummed it.

Whistled it. Appeared on “The Voice” singing it… not really.

I was raised with two sisters.

My mom had none. Somehow in the middle of 3 brothers.

My daughter had none. She was the baby with 2 older brothers.

Since my daughter and my mother didn’t know the JOYFUL experience of a female

sibling I think they have always wished for what they never knew.

Those of us who know it, though, may not have a really good appreciation of this closest of

all bio family connections. That’s what happens when you live in Paris. You just don’t appreciate

the Eiffel Tower. Familiarity and all that.

I always wanted an older brother.

My friends who do tell me I do not.

“Haha,” I laugh. “MY big brother would be awesome!” (They roll their eyes.)

Well, something happened in our family a few years after I had passed those “child-bearing” years.

We got a new girl.

My son married and suddenly, his little sister, now had her own real-life sister. It’s true.

You don’t lose a son to marriage, you gain a daughter. And your other children, gain a sibling.

My daughter-in-love who happens to be an amazing and remarkable woman

(and I would say that even if she hadn’t given me two amazing grandsons) is a fun and funny friend

to her new younger sister. And, listen to this, she who had two older siblings ( both girls, no brothers), was now

for the first time, a big sister.

It’s amazing how God just takes care of us, isn’t it?


He provides.

And in His divine providence and tender love towards us, often, gives us our heart’s desire.

Our family is complete.

For now.



Because we still need a grandgirl.

Jus’ sayin’.

“Surely you have granted (me) unending blessings
    and made (me)glad with the joy of your presence.”  Psalm 21:6





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