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How to Begin Questions

1How do the Heart Moms and Heart Sisters get together?
Once a month you will gather around the dinner table at a Heart Mom home. After dinner and loads of conversation, the Heart Mom will lead a study of the Word, prayer and Christ-centered experiences. It is a shared experience as you invest in each other’s lives in the Lord. Our goal is to have at least 3-4 Heart Moms with 6-10 Heart Sisters in each group.
2Where do we eat dinner?
One Host Heart Mom could host the dinner every month, or each Heart Mom could take a turn hosting dinner in their home. Sharing in the meal prep means no one is burdened to do this alone. The Heart Moms of each group can meet together to decide what works best for everyone. Meeting in a home is an essential part of this ministry.
3Could we meet at a restaurant or the church building?
We want to model Christian hospitality through Heartfelt. This is a mandate in the Bible that is often neglected in the modern day church. (Romans 12:13,1 Peter 4:9,Titus 1:8) We know meeting in someone’s home immediately builds closeness, connection and richer and deeper intimacy between those who we are hosting. So, you are strongly encouraged to meet in someone’s home for your dinner meetings.
4Who decides who is in each group?
Heart Moms who have friends in the program may choose to work together. Each Host Mom can build a team of 3-4 to help host and mentor her Heart Group. Heart Sisters register and then are assigned a group, somewhat randomly. There are no cliques in Heartfelt or in the Lord’s church. Once your group is formed the Heart Moms for each group will meet to make plans for their Heart Group meetings and decide all the what’s, where’s and how’s. Everything that goes into planning this first Heart Group meeting.
5What day of the week?
You will have a Heart Group meeting/dinner once a month. The night (or day) is chosen by the Heart Moms to fit their groups’ scheduling needs.
6Is there childcare?
No, as we ask each person to be responsible for arranging their own childcare. No children are allowed in the group meetings -because the Heart Moms want to focus on the Heart Sisters!
7Is there any training for this ministry?
Joneal Kirby can come to your church to do a 4- hour Training Workshop that gives you a step-by- step guide and all you need to begin this ministry. She has limited availability however. Please contact her directly to find out about her available dates as well as the cost. You are encouraged to first purchase the DVD Training Kit as this gives you all you need to begin your Heartfelt program.

General Heartfelt Questions

1When and Where?
ASAP! Give Joneal a call to set up your church’s Training Workshop. If for some reason you can’t or do not want to have this training, there is a one hour DVD Training video available. Viewing it and reading through the Training Manual will give you the information also. Joneal’s book, Heartfelt, is also a great resource for learning everything about this mentoring ministry. Joneal will come to your church personally to conduct the workshop if scheduling is possible.
2What are the Heartfelt Materials
The resources available to you are a step-by-step Training Manual, Joneal’s book, Heartfelt, and a DVD Video Training. The 4-hour Training Workshop is the first option to consider because all of the materials are available through the workshop. However, if this is not possible, with the materials in hand, your leaders can do your own in-house training. Please do not let the cost hinder you from starting your group. We have made the prices as low as possible. This is a ministry and we are not in this for profit. All monies go right back into supporting Heartfelt Ministries. We feel blessed by God to bring this to your church. Each Heart Mom will need one Training Manual
3What are the Heartfelt Materials for the Heartfelt Sisters?
Heart Sisters do not need any materials. The Heart Moms only need the Training Manuals. Heart Sisters only responsibilities in the ministry is to be at the meetings.
4What are the costs?
Please go to our resource page where you can shop for Dr. Kirby’s book Heartfelt which tells about all things concerning the mentoring program. You will want to order the DVD Training Kit which comes with a training video, a Heart Mom sample manual and a copy of the book Heartfelt. For a complete program you will want to purchase materials for all the participants serving as Heart Moms.
5Special Needs: What about older women who are not able to be involved because of health, age, etc is there a place for them in Heartfelt?
Absolutely! We believe Heartfelt has been blessed with a strong ministry for over a dozen years because it is a women’s ministry for every woman in a congregation. Every woman from 18-108 has a place here. These more “mature” women are known as Honorary Heart Moms. Although they may be unable to host, prepare food, or even teach, these ladies usually have deep connections to the church and need to be valued, cherished and involved. Someone can be assigned the task of extending special invitations, arrange for them to be driven to the meetings and making a place for them in Heartfelt. One woman at Heartfelt’s founding church served in the ministry well into her 90’s and she is now 104 years old. She was valuable to teaching and mentoring the younger women in the church through our association with Heartfelt. We love our Seniors in Heartfelt!
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to call our ministry office at 318-557- 7060. This website has a lot of good information also. Dr. Kirby’s book, Heartfelt, is the best resource for learning everything about this ministry. In the book, she reveals personal stories of how and why this ministry was started as well as dozens of testimonies of how it has impacted women’s lives and the lives of their families. It is available on or through this website. If you have any questions, please email Joneal at or call our office. We are looking forward to helping you start Heartfelt and building deeper, richer and more spiritually-meaningful friendships among the women in your church.

Did You Know?


Women make up the majority of church memberships – over 60% of congregations in America are women. Heartfelt Ministries has for almost thirteen years developed programs for churches throughout the country that help women to feel involved, to have connections, to grow spiritually and to value their church family.


Currently, less than 29% of 20-somethings (who were raised in a church environment) are still connected to a church by the time they reach the age of thirty. 59% of those who are- say having a meaningful relationship with a member of their church was significant in keeping them involved and faithful to their congregation. That is what Heartfelt Ministry does in a church. It provides a way to involve members with each other quickly, routinely and with spiritual depth.


Nearly nine in ten women say they want to improve some area of their life. And what is that one area they want to work on the most: church involvement. That’s a place where Heartfelt can fill a real need for women - and the church.


Barna Group research found women are frustrated by lack of opportunities to get involved in their church. Over 70% of women say they feel like they should be doing more to serve God in their church. 70% is a significant number. If 70 million women are members in the American church this represents millions of women who are discouraged by their lack of connection.

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Here's more about our Titus 2 Ministry, Heartfelt Friends from the Women of Duck Commander

  • This book shares stories, including mine. Stories of how being in close friendships with Christian women has provided us strength, courage, and hope as we raised our children, fought for our marriages, and built our faith.
    Kay Robertson
    from A&E’s Duck Dynasty
  • Heartfelt is equal parts manna and manual. In her warm and gracious way, Dr. Joneal Kirby goes beyond explaining why women need to build multigenerational relationships to nurture the body of Christ. She shows us how.
    Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
    host of Belle of All Things Southern and Heart Wide Open
  • In Heartfelt, Joneal shares her passion for living out Titus 2 and proven methods for connecting the godly wisdom of an experienced generation of mothers and grandmothers to younger women, both single and married, who long to honor God. On the world stage, people watch how Christian women do life—rearing children, maintaining marriages, sustaining careers. Joneal Kirby’s work takes the phrase church family to a depth that God intended for His people. Implement this biblical practice, and the outcome will display a new joy and spiritual success—as Christian women lean on and learn from each other.
    Cathy Messecar
    author of A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment
  • It’s so refreshing to find a women’s ministry that takes us back to the principles found in the New Testament church of the older women mentoring the younger women. Because we live in a world filled with hurts, hang-ups, and habits, women need support and encouragement and a resource for healthy, practical ways to help raise their families. I’m thankful Joneal commits her time to help women build strong, healthy families through the mentoring ministry Heart to Home. Heartfelt is filled with inspiring stories and will give you a blueprint in starting your own women’s Titus 2 ministry.
    Mary Owen
    National Celebrate Recovery Coach,Saddleback Church, author of Never Let Go
  • Heart to Home Ministry has been a big part of our church for over ten years. Because of Joneal’s vision to put Titus 2:3–5 into action, many women have grown in their walk with God and in their roles as godly wives and mothers. We have seen older and younger women fulfilling the ancient model of spiritual mentoring. In Heartfelt, Joneal shows how your home can be instrumental in building good relationships and your family can grow to be all God wants it to be. This book is a must-read for women wanting to impact others and build eternal relationships.
    Lisa Robertson
    from A&E’s Duck Dynasty, authors of A New Season