November 20, 2017

Gospel Centered Parenting

Building a faith legacy begins with one parent denying him or her self daily. Surrendering. Submitting. Dying to self. Placing God and family before their own wants and desires to lead their family humbly and wisely. A child is blessed to be led in faith by a Mom and Dad who value eternity above earthly pleasures and pride.  It’s called Gospel Centered Parenting Join our class as we build faith legacies in our families. Check out Joneal’s latest video session for Gospel-Centered Parenting below and sign up to Joneal’s newsletter and posts to stay updated on all the latest videos. Parenting Class Week 3 from WFR Church on Vimeo.  
October 17, 2017

Dr. Kirby with Focus on the Family

Dr. Joneal Kirby and several Focus on the Family female staff members discuss the life-changing benefits a young Christian woman can experience when she is mentored and discipled by an older woman of faith. Join our family and get social. Click Here to listen to the broadcast and don’t forget to share on social media..
October 16, 2017

My Two Bucket List Suprises

Is there anything more dear to us Moms and Grandmoms than our tiny little ones pulling us close? As I was lying down with my three-year old grandson, he snuggled close, pushed my hair away with his sweet little fingers and whispered, “I wuvz woo, Honey.” Yes, I melted. You would have to. Most of the time our best moments just happen. Rare and unscheduled, it’s left to us to appreciate their uniqueness. We must choose to cherish them. Receiving affection from this grandboy was a hard-earned pleasure. Until he turned three, he was loyally his mama’s baby. Since his birthday though, he’s widened his affection circle. Now I’m somebody he loves. I cherished that quiet, private twinkling of an instant with him. Life just happens […]
October 11, 2017

Single Should Not Mean Alone

God’s people in reflecting the love of Christ should serve those families who are not whole. Families who need support. Resources. Prayer. Wisdom. And friendship. If you fell into bed last night, EXHAUSTED, you woke up today with more stress, more to do and a busy schedule for the week of work, chores, and taking care of your children. To add to that stress, you are doing this as a single parent. There are many things that are tough about parenting. Life with kids has its rewards- but it has its demands for sure! As a single parent, you hold most if not all the enormity of life’s issues in your hands. Being single makes raising children a tougher task. While doing life alone as a […]