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To help women develop connected relationships with other women, glean wisdom through their experiences, and to help each other grow in Christ

Dr. Kirby Featured In The Struggle Is Real

20-25% of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Divorce is epidemic. Abuse of all kinds is rampant. Suicidality is at an all-time high. Domestic violence is out of control. Cohabitation and out of wedlock births are at unprecedented levels. Addictions are more widespread than ever. These and many other problems confront our culture today in alarming proportions.

Consequently, mental and relational health issues find their way home. To everyone's home. People with these and other concerns typically turn first to the church for help. Yet most churches are not equipped to adequately minister to the depth and magnitude of these overwhelming problems. This book was created as a comprehensive resource to provide the church with practical tools to care for these hurting people in a biblically sound and emotionally healthy way. Dr. Joneal Kirby contributed to the book with a chapter of her own and we give this book a strong Heartfelt Recommendation!



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"Mentoring isn’t always easy and it has to be intentional. Take time to foster relationships with your sisters in Christ. Share your life and your friendship"

Dr. Joneal Kirby

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