Heartfelt Ministries

Heartfelt Ministries gives you the practical ideas and inspiration you need to change surface-level interactions into deep relationships across generations that can change lives forever.

Dr. Joneal Kirby

Founder Heartfelt Ministries

Dr. Joneal Kirby is the founding director of Heartfelt Ministries which has seen blessings of unprecedented growth over its dozen years of service. Heartfelt Ministries is a multi-generational mentoring program based on the teachings of Titus 2:3-5.

She is a well-known conference speaker who has presented at numerous church events for over 25 years and all over the country from Malibu, California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She speaks on topics ranging from Biblical womanhood to teaching on marriage and family issues.

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and the truth will set you free...

Women will hear what real love looks like as we speak Truth with grace and compassion. We are calling on God’s Women to show Beautiful Boldness as they love!

We have all seen and heard the news stories that are in the mainstream media these days. It’s heartbreaking! Sex trafficking, abortion, gender identity and the list goes on.

John 8:32 says, “…and the truth will set you free.” That is exactly our goal with this powerful event. Our conference will have REAL conversations about Biblical Truth, Sexuality, and Culture. We will address and answer some tough questions. Topics from the joys of marital sex to the horrors of sex trafficking will be on the schedule. We believe it is time for the church to speak up with Biblical Truth about this God-given gift and speak out about the evil one who is stealing it from us. All women and youth from 13-113 are invited to come and receive expert insight, instruction, and inspiration.

Speakers will include Will Graham, Shannon Ethridge, Cissie Graham Lynch and many more! Tickets are now available! Get yours today! We can’t wait to see you there!

Providing You With The Resources

To develop relationships with other women, gleaning wisdom through each other’s experiences and to help each other grow in Christ.

Podcast Fridays!

Join us each Friday for the latest Heartfelt Podcast with Dr. Joneal Kirby.

Do you want your kids to know and love God? Are you struggling with time to make memories with your children? Do you want to build a legacy of faith in your family? Is it your deep desire to have a stronger marriage? Are you growing your faith?

Whatever your age or stage of life- you will hear Biblical and encouraging conversations as Dr. Kirby shares her heart with you- hoping you’ll be refreshed and blessed.

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Resources, Apparel and Art to help you make the most out of your own Heartfelt Experience.

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We are looking forward to helping you start Heartfelt and building deeper, richer and more spiritually-meaningful friendships among the women in your church family.
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