Dr. Joneal Kirby

Women's Ministry Consultant

Consult with Dr. Joneal Kirby about Women’s Ministry

Joneal Kirby, who holds a PhD, is an expert in mental health, knows the difference between a successful women’s ministry and one that is more difficult to maintain. She has learned the key is using the right program with ongoing ministry support. Dr. Kirby knows her highly successful ministry, Heartfelt Friends, helps each church that uses the program to disciple to multiple generations of women at various ages and stages of life. From the young professional woman to the mom raising children to the elderly widow, churches have a challenge to meet a wide-range of their spiritual needs. To encourage success, Dr. Kirby offers continual supportive resources and person consultations to churches using the Heartfelt Friends programs.
The churches who have used Heartfelt Friends have seen remarkable growth both in church attendance numbers and in overall spiritual maturity. Heartfelt has helped many churches to to achieve their women’s ministry goals. Through regular and routine gatherings in small Heartfelt groups, women are able to develop spiritually supportive, welcoming and valued relationships within their local church.
If you and your church are in need of a high quality, successful program, Dr. Kirby has over forty years of experience with women’s ministry. Contact her to get her guidance and unlock the keys to the ideal women’s program for your church.
Before she began serving churches as a women’s ministry consultant, Dr. Kirby earned her degree in counseling. She then worked as an educator, school counselor and a school principal. To further her expertise and experience, she continued on to postgraduate training and achieved her doctorate in marital and family therapy and operated a private practice for over twelve years before going into full-time work in women’s ministry.
Today, Dr. Kirby has over 40 years of experience in women’s ministry. She is a longstanding member of WFR Church in West Monroe, Louisiana where she works in women’s ministry, marriage ministry and as a Bible Study teacher.
Today, thanks to her hugely successful women’s ministry program, Heartfelt Friends, its acclaim and reputation is being used in churches all over the world, including congregations in Europe, Africa and South America. In the United States, she has served churches coast to coast, as far as Washington state, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota to Massachusetts, North Carolina and Florida.
To share her expertise, Dr. Kirby has this website, a podcast and blog as well as followings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She speaks often at conferences from large ones such as, Extraordinary Women, to smaller church events. For 15 years Dr. Kirby has produced a daily radio program called Heartfelt Radio which is broadcast over the airwaves as well as online with over 100,000 in her listening audience. She also spent three years sharing her expertise on a television show, Girlfriends, featured on various networks. As a leading women’s ministry expert, Dr. Kirby is available to help each church to adapt the right program, tailored to their congregation’s unique needs. She promises each church, she works with to gain real and lasting discipling results that they’ve always sought and prayed for for the women of their congregation.
How can Dr. Kirby help you? Contact her at: jonealkirby@heartfeltministries

You will get an immediate, personal reply followed by a scheduled phone call. You may also request to schedule a Skype call with Dr. Kirby. Contact her today with your questions!

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