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    Will you be covering how to handle a grandchild that is openly living a gay lifestyle and pushing you to accept it? How do i set the example in love without totally alienating her? I dont allow her girlfriend in my home with her because I feel i have to draw a line somewhere and she thinks i am just unloving and not listening to her. Our relationship has suffered greatly – we used to be really close and now she barely speaks to me and my heart is breaking as i watch her take this road . what do i do? These topics are so needed – no one is teaching us how to handle these terrible sins in our families and i feel like i am walking alone when i know thousands of others must be facing these very same issues. Loving the sinner while hating the sin is such a tight rope walk i am afraid that i am makibg mistakes that i may never be able to fix. Thank you for tacklibg the hard stuff in life. I hope tge cinference will be onlibe so many can attend virtually.

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