The Smartest Woman in the Room

The Smartest Woman in the Room

I’ve always believed that anybody can be smarter than they are. Quickly.

What are you reading?See, I told you!

Whatever it is you are putting your mind to, you are learning something – getting smarter about something. If you want something that will make you smarter and, here’s a bonus, be a blessing to your family, pick up this book, You Can Be a Smart Stepmom. In blended families the role of stepmother rarely begins well regardless of where her relationship winds up moving to as the family continues making adjustments. I don’t believe I’ve ever known of a step-family where the job of stepmother wasn’t complicated or difficult or nearly impossible. There are many people to factor in, feelings to consider and relationships to care for. Often the stepmom doesn’t know where to turn for help. Step-family experts, Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge, show you how to survive and thrive as a stepmom.

Every Mom, step or biological, wants to be a positive influence on their children. Children often feel torn between loyalty to their biological mom and to their stepmom, no matter how tolerant, patient and loving you may be. This is the reality of a stepchild’s life and outlook.

The authors will teach you what to do when you feel ostracized, rejected, or lonely. Learn how to step back during conflict and let your husband, their Dad, take the lead. What I liked about this book is it is packed full of Biblical and practical solutions, with inspiring stories and realistic applications.

Pick up a really, really good book today: You Can Be a Smart Stepmom
It’s nice to know you are only pages away from building a better and stronger relationship with those children of your husband and yours. You’re just too smart not to!

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