Choosing Christmas, Day Twenty-One

Choosing Christmas, Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty-One

December 23

Again, I wish I could read your answers from yesterday. I expect they are fascinating. I suspect that many of you touched on the possibility that God forever protected what was happening under that roof as Mary and Elizabeth feasted on the faith-fortifying similarities of their miraculous callings. I know, for me, I see a loving heavenly Father almost “incubating” Mary as she incubates the Savior of the world

Still, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, it seems logical that the two women might have talked about when Mary should return home. Perhaps Elizabeth was able to give Mary some much-needed advice on how to handle the village tongues that were sure to wag when her news became public. I’m convinced God used the older, more mature Elizabeth to speak truth into Mary’s heart at a time when she sorely needed wisdom and perspective.

21) If I’m right, why do you think God may have used another woman for this mentoring instead of Mary’s own mother? How will your conclusion influence the way you relate to people in your life?



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