Choosing Christmas, Day Twenty-Two

Choosing Christmas, Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Two

December 24

Did you know commentaries are split on whether Mary stayed until Elizabeth actually gave birth, or if she left right before Baby John made his way into the world? It’s another one of those details the Father doesn’t believe we need to know. While Elizabeth would’ve come to full-term in her pregnancy while Mary was there as her houseguest, we can’t say definitely whether Mary stayed to assist in the delivery or not. That said, I’ll tell you what I think, and you won’t have to twist my arm to get it out of me: I simply can’t imagine Mary leaving before the birth!

But then, I come from the type of family that sets up camp at the hospital whenever one of our members is about to give birth. We bring snacks and phone chargers, and we’re there for the long haul. Maybe Mary was that way, too. We’ll have to wait to heaven to find out if she assisted Elizabeth in childbirth. And that’s quite okay. You and I have our own celebration to attend.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Jesus is coming!

22) Let’s compose a written prayer tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s celebration, asking Father to wring every priceless, holy moment out of the day. I’ll see you tomorrow!



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