and the Survey Says…Teens Care


Do you remember  the other day when your teenager said, “Mom, you’re just the BEST! I am who I am because of you. God really blessed me.Thanks Mom!”?

Well, perhaps your child hasn’t said that recently. Or possibly, ever! But it’s possible your teenager feels that way although is uncomfortable telling you. During adolescence it’s a fact most kids tend to go through a very self-centered phase. Many teens and parent’s relationships are not a lot of fun and can be a struggle. Parents often feel their child just doesn’t like them.

mom teen

That’s not true. And here’s some research to support what is the truth.

Family research reports something encouraging. In a recent study on adolescence, teens reported they do respect their parents and they do want to be like them.  You may not believe this – but it’s a fact – nearly 80 percent of teens said they really do want to spend MORE time with their parents.

parents and teens


Now, that’s some good news worth reporting. Good job, Mom and Dad!

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