Choosing Christmas, Day Five

Day Five

December 7

There’s another part of Gabriel’s announcement I want us to explore together. After telling Mary her aunt had conceived, Gabriel added these words, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” I personally like the American Standard Version Bible translation of this verse, which reads, “For no word of God shall be without power.” Gabriel’s pronouncement acknowledges to the young girl that all he has said sounds incredible, impossible even; but he reminds Mary that they are the Words of God and thus, they carry the power of God. The phrasing would have been familiar to the young Jewess woman, for similar words were once spoken to the patriarch Abraham and repeated to his descendants through the ages: “Is anything too hard for me?” (Genesis 18:14).

Mary would have known that God had spoken those words to Abraham after Sarah laughed at the idea of conceiving a baby in her old age. The inference wouldn’t have been lost on Mary, and so may the truth not be lost on us: God’s promises carry God’s power.

5) Find a promise in the Bible that seems impossible to you in light of a current situation in your life. If you’re new to Bible study, here’s a tip: search engines can be invaluable tools to learning God’s Word to us! For instance, if you’re praying for a wayward child, type “God’s promises for your children” in a search engine. After you enjoy the feast, find a Scripture (or five!) to copy below. Record your findings, and ask the Lord to increase your faith to believe that with Him, all things are possible.


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