Dr. Kirby with Focus on the Family

Dr. Kirby with Focus on the Family

Dr. Joneal Kirby and several Focus on the Family female staff members discuss the life-changing benefits a young Christian woman can experience when she is mentored and discipled by an older woman of faith. Join our family and get social. Click Here to listen to the broadcast and don’t forget to share on social media..


    My heart deeply rejoices and cries out to the Lord with all happiness. Im so thankful that I turned my radio on and flipped the station and to hear what my heart has been longing for, a new sense of purpose.
    My testimony is so touching and inspiring, Im very very very BROKEN, there is one thing to remember, Jesus’ love for his creation that he himself knew THE WAR WAS ALREADY WON!
    I was blessed with the second most wonderful gift, Jesus being number one. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant with Rueben- DOB 08/1994-.Life at the time was great so i thought to i marry Ruebens father in 1995 . I myself, managed our home, yardwork, and children and yet i was still very very lonely.My way of thinking and and my heart were totally synced my beliefs way back then i felt it was right for me to find and keep employment. It has and was always important for me as a mother always sacrificing going without so my children could have there mother home. Rueben was 6 years old when he was Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, The Neurologist, P.T., O.T, The Medical Coordinator for MDA, kept an eye on Stefen (Ruebens brother) The awful news came that Stefen he too kept getting weaker and weaker. Rueben was 9 when he needed his power wheelchair. Thank you Jesus! For as weak as the boys were they would hear the Chuirch music start playing Rueben and Stefen would not stop twisting in their chairs with their arms raised at their side They could praise and worship twisting side to side with there head held high and yes the biggest smile on hs face, Stefen could stand little bit and hed march in place and do the same like Rueben, pastor would pray that God would heal my sons. Hed even run down the aisle stop where my sons’ were sitting picked both boys up each on a hip it was awsome. IM A SURVIVOR OF LIFE. God allowed me to go down the road and allow struggle after struggle battle after battle that these were mere tests preparing me for the future. My Grief set in when the boys were young i had started drinking lying to Ruebens father so he couid babysit. We finally divorced I was tired of being mentally abused by my ex husband and his family. I met Ted when we moved into our apartment when i filed for divorce dated him he began physically abusing me bout one year into the relationship, stayed with 3 long years total.the breaking point- hearing both sons crying for me there mother them hearing what was going on for 2 hours then he passed out cold. called the cops he woke up to the police walkie talkies. The lady officer saved me and I thank God for her. I told them that I had to get my boys up and pottied and showered for Church. She told me that she was very amazed at how well I kept very calm kept my focus on the boys’. When we went to CHURCH we had an Evangelist at church she is a remarkable Woman of CHRIST Vani Marshall Xavior. I introduced my kids to her and she said Rueben I see God is very strong in your heart and it made Rueben feel good. i BECAME SO grief stricken it lead me down some very dark paths landing me in jail, it took jail to sober me up and re evaluate my life, had the boys’ Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ as it states Acts 2:38 on my bday 05/29/2013 Then 03/07/2014 My Rueben passed away at 10 am. One year 24 days Later Stefen was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support he wasnt getting better so at the 3 wks The doctors had to take oui the tubes he passed 03/31/2015. Sorry so long I have no friends, im so lonely i really want a friend. No one ever calls or stops by to just be there for me, I KNOW im not alone for the Lord is with me. Oh I believe that God gave me signs that my sons are ok. Stefens memorial service was the second week of april the temperature was 75 – 80 degrees It snowed a very thick snow a sun snow you could say for 2 minutes then it stopped but remained sunny. My oldest son went to his Aunt kissy on his dads side and Rueben told her dream to let my mom know that everything will be ok and not to worry. there is more, here is my number please call me thx. 402-734-4076 Kelly Rice


    Thank you for being part of the broadcast on Focus on the Family today. Praise to the Almighty King that we have brave believing disciples heeding the call and spreading the gospel message. It is so uplifting to see the Holy Spirit at work. If your schedule permits would appreciate if you would come up north to Wisconsin or Minnesota to speak.

    God Bless

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