My Two Bucket List Suprises

My Two Bucket List Suprises

Is there anything more dear to us Moms and Grandmoms than our tiny little ones pulling us close? As I was lying down with my three-year old grandson, he snuggled close, pushed my hair away with his sweet little fingers and whispered, “I wuvz woo, Honey.” Yes, I melted. You would have to.

Most of the time our best moments just happen. Rare and unscheduled, it’s left to us to appreciate their uniqueness. We must choose to cherish them. Receiving affection from this grandboy was a hard-earned pleasure. Until he turned three, he was loyally his mama’s baby. Since his birthday though, he’s widened his affection circle. Now I’m somebody he loves. I cherished that quiet, private twinkling of an instant with him.

Life just happens when we’re not planning anything at all. A Bucket List of things you don’t want to miss adds happy anticipation and excitement. That is why when I realized the #1 item on my Bucket List (or Life Prayer list as I’d rather say), I experienced the best feeling I’ve ever had. It was mountain top time!  This item on my list was nothing I could plan for or control, so my surprise when my first grandchild was born was very real. It wasn’t because I didn’t expect him, but the surprise was my totally over the top adoration and love for this little bundle of boy. He was a much-longed for gift prayed for over and over.  Today, with four more grandboys’ arrivals, the repetition in no way has dulled the excitement and delight – instead it has ramped it up!

So, Bucket List item #2: my hope, dream and near the top of my prayer for years to be invited to speak on Focus on the Family’s Broadcast. So, TODAY, this is happening! My Bucket List – it’s Life Prayer List #2 is here!  For over thirty years of marriage and family ministry and fifteen years of teaching and training thousands of women, I’ve taught how to deepen spiritual friendships and increase the love of God’s Word through Heartfelt Ministries. But, I what I truly believe, is that God gifted me with this opportunity. Just as I believe he generously gave me five grandboys.  I praise Him. And I thank Jim Daly and Focus on the Family.

Today on Tuesday, October 17, my interview with Focus on the Family, Jim Daly and John Fuller will be broadcast on your local radio station. You can also hear it on the Focus website by clicking here. It makes me so happy to tell you about this. Listen in and then, let me hear from you! I’d love to have a conversation with you.  So, after you listen, let’s talk: heart to heart.

And, by the way, could we also share some more of our melting moments with our precious kids or grandkids? Cause that’s just what we women love to do.


    I heard you on focus on the family this morning. AWESOME!
    I would love to meet you. A ministry like this has been in my heart and on my mind for almost a year. I am currently reading a book written by Jim Daly, titled – Finding Home ( An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family). I am very touched by your ministry. With much love and thankfulness for women like you…Jenni


    The program was a true blessing to me and spoke to me in so many ways. I lost my mother to breast cancer 13 years ago at age (my age) 35 and miss her daily( she was only 60) She had a heart for women’s ministry. God has been speaking and leading me to mentor ladies and my plans were delayed by the storm Harvey. I truly believe it was God preparing me even more for His plan. One thing you mentioned in the interview was the separation of classes in churches has lead to a disconnect in relationships and of course social media. This has been my burden for many years. I have attended the senior Sunday school classes for over 10 years . Mostly I thought because I miss my mother and grandmother so much. God has given me many ladies that fill my heart with love and prayers.I’m so very excited to learn more and plan on downloading the course and sharing. God bless you & congratulations on your interview. I listened twice on Tuesday on a day trip to care for my father in law. It’s amazing how God uses daily inconveniences to speak to us when we take time to listen. Lastly, my 4 year old grandson just held my hand and hugged me while I was posting this. He’s my 1st and unexpected in my plans he was born one year after my battle with Breast Cancer . God is good all the time…Laura Lyons


    What an amazing opportunity to touch even more lives through this God-given, unique method! The things you shared were still so life changing to me. As I search my heart daily and ask the Father am I doing enough, I feel saddened because I never feel that I am. However, he reminds me of friends like you whom He has graced with ministries and voices that will touch areas that I may never have the opportunity to go, and that gladdens my heart. Thank you my dear friend for doing what you do. Not only did you speak specific and well on the broadcast, but you made great and relevant points that I believe whoever was listening was tremendously blessed. Praying for continued blessings and open doors!


    I was so blessed by your interview on Focus on the Family. What a great ministry!!! If you come to NY or NJ area to do a training workshop, I would really like to attend it. Thank You. May God bless you and your ministry.

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