I AM Is Here

I AM Is Here

guest post by Jamie Smith

John 4:4 says “Now He (Jesus) had to go through Samaria.” This verse is the most significant verse in this whole event in Jesus ministry. The road normally traveled from Judah to Galilee (John 4:3) led east to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea and then north toward Galilee. The terrain between Judah and Samaria was very rugged so people took the path of least resistance. Also, Jewish people never went thru Samaria because they looked down on the Samaritan people as their bloodline was not purelyJewish. They were considered half breeds. So the land was avoided and the people were avoided by the Jews.

But Jesus pursued an encounter in Samaria. He left the beaten path to take the rugged road less traveled to a life changing conversation with a woman lost in her sin. This woman seemed to know some about religion and the Messiah but she didnt KNOW Him.  So Jesus went to her in a public place, which in itself was against Jewish culture. This woman had avoided all contact with other women as evidenced in John 4:6-7. It was the hottest part of the day when everyone would have avoided being out, yet she was drawing her water and avoiding other women.  We later find out it was because of her life choices, but she couldn’t avoid Jesus. He wouldnt allow it because He loved her. He proved to her He was Messiah by telling her I know what you’ve done, but I’m here.  I AM is here.

Because of this intentional, unashamed display of love for her she couldn’t keep Jesus to herself. It doesnt say that she accepted Jesus as Messiah at that moment, but look at what it does say.  John 4:39 “Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony…” Scripture also says He stayed two more days and many more Samaritans believed. I believe she was one of them.

Dear Sister, Jesus took the road less traveled for this woman to believe in Him and He did the same for you.  The road to the cross was only traveled by the worst offenders. It was even against the law for Roman citizens to be crucified, but Jesus in His perfection and in His sinlessness chose to walk the road less traveled carrying a borrowed cross ending in a borrowed tomb so that He could have a life changing encounter with you after His resurrection.  Like the Samaritan woman, He knows all you’ve done. He knows your thoughts about Him, that maybe you know some things about Him and religion. He also knows if you truly KNOW Him and He will pursue you with the same intentional, unashamed love with which He pursued the Samaritan woman down whatever road you travel so that you will believe in Him.

Jamie Smith is a wife, mother and an active member of Louetta Road Baptist Church in Spring, Texas.  She has been a member of LRBC for 15+ years and currently is the Children’s Ministry Leader, a choir member, and a Sunday School/Bible study leader as needed.  Jamie is a student of Jesus Christ. She loves nothing more than studying the Word of God and seeing it come to life. For over two years, she has also led a community small groups in her home. Jamie served as Assistant Director for Gospel Blimp International Deliverance Ministries for three years was involved in prison ministry all over Texas. She also helped this ministry with coordination of the Angel Tree Program. Jamie and her husband Bob live in Waller, Texas and have 4 children and 2 grandsons.

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