Just Another Day- Or Is It?

Just Another Day- Or Is It?

Just Another Day- Or Is It? It’s also a normal, routine one. Before my feet hit the floor this morning, I am already going through my to-do list. Mentally checking my schedule and seeing what was coming up in the next 12 hours. That’s not the sweetest way to greet the day. In fact, it’s stressful. Especially if there are things on my calendar I’m not a huge fan of. Like a doctor’s appointment or a deadline, I’ve put off or a chore that begs to be done.

There are other days I choose to begin my day differently. I wake up, open my eyes, and seek the Lord. When I seek His face, when I hear His voice, things like checking off chore lists fade like the morning mist over grass. As I seek to choose the Lord, it’s a reminder that I am blessed to have the Holy Spirit living within me. It is through the Spirit I have Hope I am becoming more and more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives me power to overcome my anxious flesh.
How might this choice to NOT choose the Lord play itself out, especially first thing in the morning? In the first moments it can be a daily temptation to choose to think first about my day and its schedule. Then before I know it, I can fall prey to the lies of the enemy and begin dreading my day or feeling overwhelmed by it, and then try to tackle it as soon as my feet hit the floor.

But if I choose the Lord… By God’s grace, I choose to fight my sinful flesh, put it to death, as God’s Word instructs me and gets my mind going about His plans and purposes for my day.
What does this practically look like? I begin by thanking the Lord for the gift of a new day and acknowledge that He alone is in control—not me. And then by His grace I put aside my concerns about my schedule and instead, draw near to God by spending time in His Word and in prayer.
By His grace, I come to the place where I know that the day belongs to the Lord.

If I start each day intentionally acknowledging this and acknowledging who I am blessed to be, because of Jesus and what He has done and is doing for me, my day is miraculously transformed – before it’s even started. I then approach my schedule-and my family-and my day, with a renewed Spirit. I am ready for the rest of the moments in my day. Praising God for another one to serve and honor Him. It’s going to be a great day!

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