Parents Teaching the Bible

Parents Teaching the Bible

Most parents rely heavily on their church to do the religious training of their children. Did you know Bible classes in churches didn’t begin until 1850? Before that daily religious teaching was done in the home by the parents. It was routine for moms and dads to have daily Bible reading. The family worked together to memorize scripture. Singing praise and worship songs was a normal part of family life. Many parents today are bringing back parent – led Bible study. This home-teaching inspires me!

The parents who are training their children in God’s Word and through God’s Word are setting the tone for their lives forever – into eternity. No amount of money or wealth can purchase the value of that gift to your children. It’s priceless.

The parents who are doing this training have determined they want to be the people who are building their child’s faith in God. If you are a parent who reads the Bible to your children and teaches them Biblical life principles, I’d love to hear from you. Please post in the comments below what and how you are going about this in your family. You will not only help me as I go around teaching parents, but you will inspire others to do the same.

Let me know how you are teaching the Bible to your children.

By the way, great job, Mom and Dad!

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