Oh, You just MAKE Me So Mad !

Scolding Mom

Anger is a natural emotion.

Many parents deal with it routinely. While I could be talking about a child throwing a tantrum, I’m talking about frustrated parents. If you do not have a plan for how you will behave when you are angry – you will respond instinctively – and You will overreact. Possibly into a furious rage.

That can happen to even the best parent when they are frustrated with a child’s misbehavior without a plan. Which evolves into lecturing continuously, shouting- and even hitting your child.

anger child

HERE’S A PLAN. First calm yourself down. Take a 5- or even 10 minute break when triggered and pray. Pray to get rid of any reactive anger. Then go back to your discipline plan that you have ready. One you have pre-determined as your response to your child’s behavior. Stopping the fury. The rage. The out-of-control emotions will help you to do the parenting you always want to do. And also, your anger won’t become your discipline plan.

anger parent calm



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