A Little Cooking Lesson

A Little Cooking Lesson

With your child out of school for the summer you’re probably thinking about those hours when you are home together. There’s going to be hours of opportunities to do some fun and some learning this summer. How about having some fun in the kitchen?

As you  plan some activities to do with them, try this. You can give them some cooking skills while helping them learn a little bit about math at the same time. For instance, if a recipe calls for 1 cup, ask the child how many 1/3 cups make a full cup.  Let them experiment using smaller measurement utensils to achieve the whole.  After they have experimented, have them follow a recipe for something they enjoy eating. Help them gather the ingredients to have ready As they measure the ingredients, remind them why it is important that you learn math, and specifically fractions.

To finish this off,  cook their math lesson AND let everyone ENJOY!


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