Water Done Safely

Water Done Safely

There is nothing kids love better in the summer than having water fun!

A really great activity to do with your child involves a little wading pool- so you know your kids are in for some splashing eventually. And hey! That’s what makes summer learning so much better. They’re having fun and a lesson is taught too!

First fill a small pool or large container with water. Choose several items to do this experiment with. Pick some things that will float and some that will sink. Ask the children before you start whether they think the item will sink or swim. Ask them why. Then allow them to test their theory.

Allow the children to play in the water and have fun, but after a few minutes ask them about themselves. If they were dropped in the water would they sink or float. This is a great time to talk about water safety. AND why it is important to learn how to swim or at least how to float.

Water fun is a great activity for your children. And you will know with confidence they will have great, safe fun.


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