The Ol’ Hometown

The Ol’ Hometown

The long days of summer certainly give us a little more leisure time. The sun staying in the sky until quite late make the summer seem such a longer season. But I’ve found the days still go by  too quickly.

Summer gives us a terrific opportunity to fill with wonderful memories for our children to cherish as they are growing up. Make summer a wonderful adventure for you and your child by doing some unique things you may never have time to do during the routine school year. Visit places in your own town or city that visitors may find interesting. A museum, an art gallery or perhaps an historic home or site. Picnic by a lake. Explore a nature park.

My children and I made our hometown a destination during the summer months to get to places we seldom had time to see.

So just for a day try it. Places like your state parks or local recreation areas have a lot to offer.  It’s nice too that while doing these activities together your family can get in some summer learning.By making it fun, you are building memories with your kiddos too. 


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