You Have WHAT in Your BackYard?

You Have WHAT in Your BackYard?

Summer vacation for our kiddos is right around the corner!

It’s time to think about those days when they are out of school and you need them to stay busy AND have fun! How about creating some exciting things to do without a lot of expense or hassle. Such as go on a hunt in your back yard.  Gather leaves from trees in your yard.  Have the child match the tree that the leaf grew on.  Take a piece of paper and a crayon. Have them place the paper against the bark of the tree, then rub the crayon over the paper. They will make a rubbing picture of the bark. If you have several trees around your yard, compare the bark rubbings of several trees.  Enjoy comparing the different trees and their bark.

Summer fun does not have to break the family’s bank account to be enjoyed. You can all – yes, children too – get outdoors and get back to nature with some very simple activities. First see what is in your own back yard.


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