Experience New Stuff This Time Around

Experience New Stuff This Time Around

Because we’ve been there done that, most grandparents understand the tough job parents have on their hands. As grandparents with a high level of experience (we can discuss the quality later) we can help out our kids with the challenging daily task they now take on. Okay, let’s admit it. We may never want to parent again, but we can offer to share some of the load for our young un’s. Right?

I think the best way to go about this is to first ask them what would help them the most. Among the answers may be driving one of the little grands to a practice. Doing some of the grocery shopping maybe on the list – and while you’re at it, pick up your own. I usually text my daughter when I’m doing my store run just to see what essentials she may need. What I’ve found to be the most valued by my own kids: keeping the grandkids for a night so the parents can have a much-needed date night and hopefully an uninterrupted night of sound sleep. You remember those days? When sleep w/o waking babies or toddlers or teens, was few and far between?

“When keeping grands, of course, ask if you have permission from their mom and dad  to use discipline “techniques” – and maybe what ones are working for them – when the parents aren’t there. Of course, you and I both know, our grandkids seldom ever misbehave when they are with us!  So this will probably not even be an issue, but just in case, everyone should be clear about the ground rules.

It’s a known fact that healthy, happy families help each other out. Grandparents who do this set the example for the next two -and hey,  as young as we are- maybe  three generations. And by the way, setting an example for the youngers, at least according to God’s plan, is seriously one of our jobs.

Now, go chase a grandchild around the  house. Fun is  now the order of the day! Remember how to do THAT?!

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