Model Teaching


Most parents are very concerned  and will work hard to see that their children stay healthy! Most of us do all we can to ensure that our children won’t suffer or be sick.

Do you do all it takes to protect your children against a different kind of sickness – the evil in our world?

After all, our children trust us. They deeply trust us to teach them how to have a relationship with God. And the best way to shape our child’s faith is by modeling a faith walk.

1) Talk about how God fits into your daily life.

2) Praise your child’s spiritual growth.

3) Remind your kids, “we are so proud of you and all you do but nothing matters more to us than your faith in God.”

4) Teach them that the most important thing is the way that they are living for the Lord and show them daily how that’s done.

Teach your children well, Mom and Dad. God says when we do, they will be able to stay spiritually strong and healthy.

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