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well mannerd child

Before I was a blogger, I was a teacher. There’s a lot of life between those life bookends. But my teaching part – taught me a lot about the life I blog about here.

Early in my teaching career, I heard another teacher telling a student, “Young man, I really don’t care if you like me, but you will treat me with respect.” Although, I knew this then- that wiser, older gentleman was saying something very important-  I understand this so much better now. Having had a career built around children, as education is, and worked in it for over 20 years. And then,  having raised three children of my own, I have learned a lot more. I think differently about that simple interchange between an older man and a much younger teen.

Being able to show respect for others is one of the most important behaviors that children must learn. WE, as parents and adults caring for them, must teach our children that all people must be valued and treated with care and kindness. I love seeing a child who has been taught by their parents to show respect.What I notice is the child uses good manners. When others are being rude, these children instead show kindness. When others in a group are back-talking and clearly disrespecting adults, these kids speak with respect. When others are determined to have their own way, these children are thinking first of others. If I still had my teaching tools, I’d give you a Big Gold Star!  Good job, Mom and Dad.


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