When Sneezin Ain’t Pleezin


Ah-Ah-Ah-CHOO! Yep, It’s allergy season. Sniff Sniff. If you go on too long with your symptoms or begin to feel worse, you probably will visit your doctor hoping you will get some help to feeling better.

Like Spring season bringing along familiar allergic reactions, seasons happen in families. There is a season when a stepfamily may not be feeling too well. These are caused by several things, but a major one is: adjusting to the new living arrangements. This huge change for all may create some unhealthy behaviors.  As siblings, the kids may be arguing and fighting a lot. You and your spouse may be experiencing unresolved anger and dealing with recurring issues that just don’t get settled.

This means you also may be building feelings of resentment towards your spouse and even their children. Like you wisely do when your health is compromised and you see a medical specialist, go visit with a family expert and find out how to solve your stepfamily’s problems.  Combining two families doesn’t happen easily. It’s a tough process! And these are issues which can hurt your new marriage. Just as you’ll see a doctor to feel better, talk to a family counselor to find solutions for your family problems.

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