Heart Wide Open Christmas Day 8 -My God is So Big!

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He’s not much bigger than one of his riding toys. Standing straight up, he barely clears a yardstick. Ask him to show you his muscles — WHOA! — he puffs UP huge! He proudly says “Big like Daddy!” Being big and tough is a wish for our tiny boy, years away from any real physical strength.

I’m so  boy showing musclesgrateful this 2-year old champion doesn’t  have one second of worry. Now he can only lift in his arms the weight of a heavy pillow or covertly, his tinier baby brother (Heaven help us!). His Dad, is both tall and strong. He cares huge for his little son. With a loving tenderness and huge sense of responsibility, this father has his toddler’s back. My grandson carries on with the business of just growing up. No worries. He is safe in his Daddy’s strong arms.


My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do!”

I’m very grateful for the times when my spiritual strength, my emotional maturity  -and even my physical abilities  – are hamstrung by all I lack and I have the love of a Father who cares deeply for me.

The evidence? Just over 2000 years ago, Our Father sent his one and only son to be born. To be here on earth. To leave Heaven. For me. For you. For all humanity.

That’s an unbelievably strong, tough, courageous, protective Holy Father. If I will, I can safely, in peace, rest in him. No worries. It’s a discipline of my will I’m working on. Like my grandson, I want to be “big” too and often take on tasks without the help my Heavenly Daddy offers.

I am blessed to know my strength comes from the Lord.

In this season of “happy holidays” it takes some discipline to keep the reason for the Season. Those of us so blessed, having a Father who gave up His Son for us – is why we choose to celebrate Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Shellie Tomlinson, for opening up your heart – wide open – to share and to care enough to help us look for the holy this Christmas season. Head on over to Shellie’s place:


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Since hopping around the blogosphere may leave you a little discombombulated, Shellie is ‘splaining it all over on her website. If you are behind or just want to know how to keep up with Heart Wide Open Christmas, click the link below.  Shellie will show you how it’s done.




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