Your Grown Up Christmas Wish…


I wish I could remember all the wishes and dreams and lists I have made about, for and during Christmas over my lifetime.

Whew! It’s exhausting remembering just the many things I have written down to have and to hold. Just in case they are reading,

I will  insert here a little reminder to my dear sweet children. Sweeties, I do love a new fleece under the tree. Although you know I never tire of a favorite book… (sorry, just a personal note).

But I’m avoiding remembering the thing that really does exhaust me-that list of THINGS TO DO. Don’t you tell me you’ve never done one of those because then we can’t be friends.

My dearest friend, Shellie Tomlinson (who happens to be a blog champ, a Bible Study author, a radio speaker, a HUGELY popular speaker on tour and a grandmother – which I  happen to to think is her best stuff – AND and she’s FUNNEEEEEE! And of course, she loves JESUS! ).

Shellie has this Christmas rush thing figured out. Although she would tell you just the opposite. But this year she does. I’ve been invited — no, WE’VE been invited — on a brand new COUNTDOWN to CHRISTMAS.
It is slightly different from the usual.
Shellie has invited me and you to be a part of A HEART WIDE OPEN CHRISTMAS.
Shellie explains:
“This is not a challenge. That would defeat us before we begin. This is an invitation to walk through the twenty-five days of Advent together. Our goal will be to keep our eyes on Jesus—and if we start getting steamrolled by our gift list and party schedule, we won’t berate ourselves. We’ll simply train our grateful gaze back on Jesus and begin again for the joy set before us.”
Now, doesn’t that just set your heart wide open?
I’m so excited about this focus – and the opportunity of re-focusing my Christmas lens.
Thank you Shellie.
Don’t you want to sign up?
Here’s what you do.
Go to this blog page:

A Heart Wide Open Christmas

and SIGN UP!

It’s that simple.
I know I need to do at least ONE thing this Christmas season that’s simple.
Shellie, thank you for leading this journey to Christmas Day.
I am thrilled to be along on this ride with you and our friends to SEE JESUS in everything Christmas.

If you want to know a little background about Shellie’s wish, go here:

It’s such fun to do Jesus things with friends.
Glad you’re along.
LOVE you,

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