The 411–Heartfelt Friends Training DVD and other IMPORTANT Information


Does anyone even remember calling “411”?

Probably not. I don’t even know why I thought of that but once upon a time when you wanted to give someone the news, scoops, updates on something you could say:

“Here’s the 411 on that.”

Back when we all still had a “house phone” or “landline” as we say now, you could dial 411(who even says “DIAL”?) to get an operator who would say “Information?” and you could ask them a phone number, or area code, or…. I don’t know what all you could ask, but “411” meant “Information.”

Am I the only one who remembers information?

Well, here ‘s the 411 (since it’s kinda fun to say)411


on the HEARTFELT FRIENDS DVD Training Kit.

We are in the process this week of upgrading the order form (meaning, make it simpler and better).

And fixing some of the pricing,  instructions, contact info, etc.

We are also going to make it simpler for you to order copies of Heartfelt, my book about how to create fantastic friendships in the church.

In the meantime, the  quickest way to get Heartfelt (I did it. It was fast.) is to order from Amazon.

BTW: I LOVE Amazon. Hence, the book-a-day habit I can’t seem to quit. Anyway know of a BookBuyersAnonymous Recovery Group?

To make it super simple, here’s the direct link to my book page on Amazon:

Thank you for your patience.

We not only launched a brand new Conference in February. We launched our new book. And a brand new Ministry name. AND a brand new website. All at the same time. So we got some of it a little wrong. And I’m thankful for your patience because we ARE working on fixing things here.

Please private message me on facebook, or email me if you need some info you can’t find here.

God bless you my dear hearts.

Keep coming back.

I love you,



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